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Exporting from the UK to Nigeria

Posted on - Nov 16,2021


Exporting from the UK to Nigeria with Ease

Nigeria represents the largest population base in Africa, with a headcount of 195 million people and a GDP of £397 billion in 2018. The overall cost of products traded between the United Kingdom and Nigeria from June 2019 was approximately £5.1 billion.

Several freights forwarding companies ship all kinds of products from the UK to Nigeria in the nick of time and make your lives easier. Let's have a look at some details of this transportation from one country to another.

The Demand for UK Goods in Nigeria

Nigeria is the UK's second-largest African marketplace. UK enterprises are renowned in the nation, and UK trademarks are in high demand. Because of the UK's engineering, scientific, and technological capabilities, UK companies are well placed to work with Nigeria as the government focuses on socio-economic development to decrease the country's reliance on oil.

In the state's Economic Growth and Recovery Plan, 60 measures are detailed. These are focused on agriculture, industrialization, energy, and state subsidy, with greater public-private collaborations increasing the opportunities.

How can Goods be Transported Easily?

Exporting from the UK to Nigeria can be quite easy if you hire a reliable freight forwarder. These companies are specialized and well-equipped to transport all kinds of goods and make your entire process smoother. An example of such a firm is MDS Cargo.

MDS Cargo provides exceptional marine freight services, with cargo loadings occurring every week. Its sea freight provides excellent cargo aggregation and groupage options to Nigeria and a variety of shipping choices to meet the customers' requirements.

The company provides door-to-door air cargo convergence services to Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kampala, and other African nations. MDS Cargo specializes in the transportation of goods and services in the oil and engineering industries. It can also provide logistics solutions from the provider to the point of delivery.

There are many other companies providing these services, such as UK unity, EON logistics, A-B cargo express, and others.

Doing Business in Nigeria

When doing business in Nigeria, UK companies must consider a few concerns. Taxes are the first. A double taxation arrangement has been negotiated between the United Kingdom and Nigeria, ensuring that income is not taxable in more than one nation.

The Nigerian Customs Service can help with import registration, assessment, origin rules, banned commodities, and clearing procedures. The federal government of Nigeria levies a 5% VAT, with state governments levied an extra 5%.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, you can easily transport goods to Nigeria from the UK if you work with the right freight forwarding companies like MDS Cargo.