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Find jobs and grow your business by exploring the many ways you can provide shipping and transport services on Afodel.

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Afodel welcomes you to sign up as a Freight Agent , Courier , Forwarder and Clearing Agent. Get your profile listed on our Freight Agent list and win jobs from prospective customers. It is simple, create an account as a Freight Agent(transport here on Afodel refers to anyone in the logistics supply chain, If you are a forwarder, just register as a Freight Agent) The jobs here on Afodel can be quoted for by anyone with the expertise to execute the job.

As a customer, (customer refers to anyone that has a job to be executed by a Freight Agent) use Afodel to get cheap quotes for you shipping job from expert. Because Afodel has a large database of experts that can execute your job, the tendency that they will compete for your job is very high. When you have competition the price goes down.

Our Freight Agents are strictly vetted to weed out dubious companies and individuals from our system. A Freight Agent undergoes different verification process before becoming a verified member of Afodel, please check out Afodel for the beginner to help you get started and also How to create a solid profile to make you stand out

Click here for list of Freight Agents, couriers, forwarding and clearing agents on Afodel.com . Why not add your business to the list by by Signing up .