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How to create a solid profile on Afodel.com

Posted on - Oct 13,2020



One open secret Transporters, Forwarders, Clearing Agents and Couriers should know about Afodel.com is the ability to give your business a high ranking on the search engine. Search engines like to crawl through websites with a repository of geniune information. That is why directories and other look alike websites are popular with seach engines. The Profile page on Afodel.com  provides businesses the opportunity of being discovered easily. We advice all transport service providers to build a solid a profile to attract customers looking for their type of services. Your typical profile on Afodel should be your one page sales web page on the internet. It should contain the following information at least.

1. Your business name
2. Your Company registration

3. Your profile should show you as a verified member of Afodel, customers know that afodel has a strict verification for transport service proders, so having your business verified by an authority like  Afodel is a bonus in trying to build customer confidence.

4. Your ratings  should not be less than 4 star ratings on Afodel.com(remember yor customers are always on hand to tell others what a bad transport service provider you are which will definitely affect the level of jobs that would be awarded to you by customers)
5. Show the goods categories you are able to handle perfectly (do not pick categories you cant handle or do not have proper contact to handle)

6. Write up a fantastic business description on how your business operates and be sincere on the information you provide for your customers

7. You can unlock our premium service through your member area which will allow you to include, your phone numbers, addresses, Social media links , website and load pictures of your business activities . This will help boost your popularity amongst potential customers.

8. Copy Afodel's verified member logo from your profile area and past on your website or email to help give your profile a solid boost, the logo link will link straight to your profile page on Afodel.com