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How a procurer can make use of Afodel.com

Posted on - Jun 08,2020


In this context, a procurer is regarded as a customer but we decided to  expand more on a procurer because we see the procurer as a likely constant user on our platform.
a. A procurer has a wider choice of transporters to use and can negotiate fantastic prices to cut cost for their clients which makes them more competitive, Afodel.com contains a large database of African, European, chinese and other world transporters that has been fully verified. We do not joke with our verification method and transporter reviews would help a procurer make up their mind easily.

b. A procurer  with multiple purchases that needs to deliver to multiple customers in different countries in Africa or anywhere else can use Afodel.com to get quotes on them, most quotes will come through within  minutes to hours except there is not available shipper to a required destination on our database. Our transporters are quick to respond to quotes, a procurer can use Afodel.com to quote for movement of goods from supplier within a country and for international deliveries.