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How a transporter can make use of afodel.com

Posted on - Jun 08,2020


a. Transporter to register and select company during registration, also select the right category of goods shipment  to be offered to customers

b. Once registered transporter should edit profile and write up a lot about the company and include a logo, Also thick if you want to be added to the transporters directory. This will add the transporter's logo to the transporters randon display of transporters on the front page.

c. Take advantage of our free 2 bids offer to bid for jobs but after this, a customer  cannot be able to accept a transporters quote without a transporter being a fully verified and subscribed member. Even with the 2 free bids used by the customer, a transporter still needs to be a fully verified member.  Verification is in 2 phases;
Phone verification and address verification , this  may take between 2 days  to 2 weeks for a transporter to be verified from registration date.  This will depend on how quick the verification mail gets to the transporter and how quick a transporter verifies it online. Afodel may demand further documents to be sent by email or to be uploaded by a transporter. 

d. Once a job is won, make sure there are further clarifications with customer on payment terms and movement of goods. Transporter can send messages to customer within the system.

e. Transporter subscription is a pay as you go monthly subscription and transpoter is not obliged to any contract. The good thimg  here is transporter can spend just $1 or less and win a bid  for a job worth  thousands of dollars, and not only that, transporter can forge a better customer relationship outside Afodel.com