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Courier services

Online Courier Marketplace

If you’ve been searching for reliable courier services for international deliveries, Afodel just made your search a lot easier with its online courier marketplace. Our international online marketplace is a platform where courier companies can connect with potential customers, and vice versa. Courier services based in Africa can seek out international clients who want cargo delivered to African countries. Similarly, businesses in Africa can connect with a courier service that would help them transport their products across or beyond the continent.

Afodel has created a large database of verified courier service providers. These include express courier services that handle sensitive documents, logistic services that offer one-stop solutions, red alert services dedicated to handling VIP packages, and special delivery services. We have some of the most experienced couriers and transporters on board, and cater to a diverse clientele spread out across the world.

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Afodel  courier market place links courier companies to potential customers, a courier service may use different transport methods but the general aim is to get mail or parcels  to intended destinations faster than normal post and here at Afodel.com we have large database of verified courier service providers that will get this sorted

Courier Diversification: -

Express Service: - This service is dedicated to sensitive documents that has to be delivered in a short period of time. This service is covered in almost each metropolitan cities and major cities in Africa and the world.

Logistic Solutions: -
On request most  courier companies can act as  one stop solution provider for your entire logistics requirement.

Pick & Pack: - If you have your items across your location and you need our help with handling of goods,  courier companies can provide  complex packaging to even placing the document in an envelope.

Morning To Evening: - We also specializes in delivering the package same day to your destination on request. This service is limited to selected cities across the nations, courier service providers are experts at same day deliveries

Red Alert Service: - This service is oriented towards providing special security handling, safe and secure deliverables across different parts of the world.

Special Delivery: - Courier companies are able to  undertake a special delivery that may involve  handing  the package to the designated receiver through a secured channel with all the supporting factors.

Why Afodel

  • Experienced transporters with hands on variety of courier services.
  • Safe and secured gateways for transportation.
  • Effective services across different parts of the nation and the world.
  • Cost effective solutions for  different package delivery.
  • Variety of shipment providers to choose from according to the requirement.